"Lee Pelly, Authum and myself are extremely honored to have our staffs and [I] personally cannot thank them enough for my paw paws staff of honor. I was able to present him with his staff a little more than a week before he passed. I showed him my personal staff and he looked and studied it not knowing I was about to present him with his. My paw paw was a World War II veteran, and an amazing man. He was still holding mine looking at it when I held his up and said 'on behalf of Authum, myself, nostoneleftunturned.com, and the Henry Brothers I want to present you with your staff of honor.' Now I've only seen my 'pop' cry twice in my life. When my dad had a heart attack, and he knew that Dad was gonna be ok, and when I presented him with his staff. I hugged him and kissed his head. He's gone now, but that staff meant so much to him. Thank you Henry Brothers again."
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